Ben and Alisha are phenomenal coaches. Their reliance on God’s word combined with realism, humor and positivity makes learning to love marriage easier! They are a blessing to anyone they encounter and I pray the anointing God has placed on their marriage and ministry will extend to couples all over the world.


1st year of marriage


It really helps to know that other people experience the same things that you are going through. You are not alone. Thanks for the prayers and the scriptures, and also just being there.

Stacey and Andrea


The workshops and counseling has been very insightful. They are great to work with. I feel very comfortable discussing my marital issues.



Ben and Alisha are insightful marriage coaches that provide Godly words of wisdom with a keeping it real attitude.


Married 3 years


You guys have been a wonderful Blessing to us, as friends, counselors and mentors. After God put us together, you have given us some of the important tools needed to stay together. We definitely appreciate your love, support, guidance, friendship and most importantly the TRUTH about the covenant of Marriage, especially in some of our own personal situations and strongholds. We also thank you for your insight on the realness of marriage and realizing problems will arise. We thank you for teaching us how to confront conflict together and come to a God Based resolution while honoring God’s Covenant of Marriage, understanding we are “Married for Life” and Divorce is not an option..

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin  H.
Celebrating our 2 Yr Anniversary


Ben and Alisha,

We want to say that God truly blessed us to have you two as our Marriage coaches. You made the class fun while providing serious, in depth, Biblical perspectives as it pertained to marriage. We learned from both of you that marriage is not a contract but a covenant. We look forward to experiencing your wisdom and God given advice in future workshops.

Many Blessings,
Larry and Damita