January 18, 2012

Praying for Your Marriage

We are all at a crossroad at this junction of the year. It’s a time of reflection and a time of necessary change. 2012 is here and most of us are trying to get it together and do it big or at least maintain. Unfortunately too many people are making decisions daily that affect not only them, but their spouses and every person attached to them and due to those decisions many families and friends around the country are in crisis and headed for divorce. It is time to pray. Know that anytime you are going through a shift/crisis/change in your life it requires prayer.

Prayer changes things and you get to put feet on your prayers and watch God walk out your situation in real time. Pray during any and all situations, laying your concerns before Him. Whether you are having financial issues, have lost your job, you and your spouse are arguing or you are having issues with your children. God has promised that He will never leave you or forsake you. Even though it may feel like it, ask God, what must I do to get back on track, to feel loved by my wife/husband and even you God? What must we do as a family to restore & revitalize our relationship with you as well with one another? Ask God to help you understand His will for your life with your spouse not your will anymore. Ask God to grant you  and your spouse grace and mercy so  that you can get back onto His plan and put aside our own selfish thoughts and ideas.

Ask God to grant you the patience and commitment to put your spouse first and to plant that same spirit in your spouse. However, you must be willing to be the one to initiate and put into motion whatever God plants into your spirit. Thank God for looking past your faults and still blessing you and your family even when you know you didn’t deserve it. Ask God to send people into your life that can speak life into your marriage / your spouse/your decisions so that whatever choices you make are pleasing to you God.

There is a need and a real desire from many couples to make significant change in their lives and in their marriages, we strongly believe in prayer as a part of the information we share. God is able to heal hurts, right wrongs, and even allow forgiveness to flow from a hardened heart. God is able to restore brokenness and remove anger, hurt and resentment. Pray a prayer today not only for your marriage but for other marriages whether they are in distress or not. We will be in pray with you.

Benjamin and Alisha Walker


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