We are dedicated and passionate about bringing the “positive press” back to marriage. Our goal is to create a movement across this nation of people who are willing to stand with us to say, “I Love Being Married”, which is our battle cry for the marriage community to rally around.

You can stand with us in several ways:

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  3. Share your story of why you love being married by emailing us at alisha@themarriagecoaches.net .
  4. Work to build and enhance your own marriage.
  5. Mentor other couples with positive tools for marriage.
  6. Pray for the success of marriages and for others to love being married.

The goal of The Movement is to provide avenues for those who want to change our nation through the foundational relationship of marriage. We want to provide tools and resources to help repair, restore and revitalize marriages across this country. We want to encourage those in relationships to fight against the negative attitudes toward marriage and to see the positive side of marriage and the benefits that it provides. We want to spread the message that marriage is a covenant NOT a contract. It is not something to be entered into lightly because the covenant is between three people, you, your spouse and God. It is your promise to God and His to you that you will honor and cherish the vows that you promised to uphold on your wedding day.

God has a plan for marriages and families. He has a plan to use ordinary people to do extraordinary things. He has a plan to help you become a part of something greater than yourself. We would like to use this platform to educate and train others with the tools to help not only your relationship but that of others in your community and across this nation. We would like to empower a nation of people with teach out of the box techniques and resources to take this education to their homes, churches, community groups or businesses. By doing so, people across this country will be empowered with the tools to help support one another in their marriages.

  • Email us at movement@themarriagecoaches.net for more information about setting up an I┬áLove Being Married Group in your area!