As sought after marriage and relationship experts, marriage coaches, counselors, educators, speakers and entrepreneurs, Benjamin and Alisha Walker, are the founders of The Marriage Coaches, a coaching and consulting practice. Together Benjamin and Alisha are the dynamic duo of husband-and-wife teams. They are passionate about their work to repair, restore and revitalize relationships.  Because of their passion for successful marriages, they created the I Love Being Married Movement, their battle cry for the marriage community to rally around and bring positive press back to (15)
Benjamin and Alisha are the authors of, I Love Being Married: A Guide to Divorceproof Your Marriage. Some of the most popular topics they speak on, taken from their book, and are:

  • Rules of Engagement: Communication, Conflict Management, and Problem-Solving
  • Divorceproof Your Marriage (For Married, Engaged, or Single)
  • Make it Last Forever:  Maintaining and Sustaining that Wedding Day Love
  • Expectations: How to Get Your Needs Met in Your Relationship
  • Preparing Yourself for Marriage: The Truth about Marriage

Other popular topics that they are asked to speak on are:

  • Unmasking the Pain Behind the Pews
  • Helping the Church Heal and Restore the Body of Christ
  • Social Media Branding and Marketing for Helping Professionals
  • Communication: A Part of God’s Foundation for a Healthy Family
  • Parenting Through Love and Expectations

Alisha is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia, with 20 years of experience. She has counseled thousands of people, dealing with issues that range in diversity from mental health issues, to parenting and marital / relationship issues. She has trained others in the counseling field to prepare them for best practices when working with clients. She founded Women’s Empowerment Movement, a non-profit 501(c )3, that worked to empower women to success.

Benjamin is a minister and has been a marriage and relationship educator and coach for 8 years. He has a passion for marriage, parenting and men’s issues. He has coached hundreds of men on the importance of the role the husband and father, the path to manhood, and what it takes to lead your family. He is a strong leader and advocate in their community for fathers being an active participant in their children’s lives.

Together, they have coached thousands of couples on relationship strategies to enhance and divorce-proof their relationships. They have created a website  that houses their blog articles, podcasts and information on how to contact them for counseling, coaching, speaking and their book, products and classes. They have also written articles that have appeared on Essence Magazine’s online blog, and other large sites. They will also appear as guest marriage experts on an upcoming episode on one of the top national reality shows.

Benjamin and Alisha Walker have been married for 15 years and have 5 children, Brandon, Alexis, Allana, Aaliyah and Angelique.