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January 31, 2014

8 Reasons Why Long-Lasting Love Makes Me Still Believe in Marriage

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 How many happy marriages do you see around you? If you’re married, is your marriage happy? What makes you still believe in marriage? I have so many reasons why I still believe in marriage, but I’ll give one shining example.

mommy and daddy

(My parents around 1964)

Marriage is hard work and takes commitment from both parties involved. Truth be told, there have been times in our marriage where I didn’t think that it was worth the effort.  But this year, my husband and I will be married 15 years in March, which in today’s times is a milestone in and of itself. I thought about having a vow renewal, a party or something to mark what an occasion this would be, but our plans were put on hold because my parents are celebrating an even greater milestone of 50 years of marriage! They like many other couples have had their ups and downs, but have remained together. They have dealt with many of the same issues that when tossed at couples today would cause them to end their marriage. I still believe in marriage because of the great examples around me that prove that marriage can last and marriage can be happy. They’ve shown me that marriage even though it takes work and can be trying is something that should be celebrated and promoted. In honor of their 50th, my sister and I are planning their vow renewal ceremony and reception and inviting family and close friends. I am particularly excited to share this moment with my children so they can share in the long-lasting love.

So I still believe in marriage because of  my parents’ example and by watching their example, I’ve learned a few things. Here are 8 tips I’ve learned from watching their marriage:

  1. Work daily on your marriage even when times are hard.
  2. Til death do us part is foundational , not just a wedding vow.
  3. Stand by each other no matter what.
  4. Marital love is sacrificial love.
  5. Have undying support for one another.
  6. Marriage is an example of Christ’s love for us.
  7. Love takes on many forms over the years
  8. Being happy in your marriage is a choice

Because of my parents’ example, I’ve learned that a happy marriage is worth fighting for, happy marriages are contagious and being happily married can get better over time.

I still believe in marriage because of the real life example of my parents’ marriage and the countless others that I know who are happily married. I still believe in marriage because I have followed my parents’ example to work diligently on my own marriage. I still believe in marriage because of the love and support of others who want to see my marriage and others succeed. I still believe in marriage because of God’s love for me. I still believe in marriage because my marriage gets even sweeter every year and I Love Being Married.


Written By:

Alisha C. Walker, Licensed Professional Counselor

Co-Author: I Love Being Married: A Guide to Divorceproof Your Marriage

Co-Founder: The Marriage Coaches


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  1. Great Post – I love number 8! Every day we get to choose how we want to live. Knowing that gives us an opportunity to make new choices and better choices every day.


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