I Love Being Married

January 27, 2012

I Love Being Married Project

“To be loved…to be loved! Oh! What a feeling!”

Calling all married couples who looooooove being married:

The Marriage Coaches will be celebrating National Marriage Week throughout the week of February 7th, which culminates on the International Day of Love, Valentine’s Day, February 14th. Since love is already floating in the air, we thought we would continue the celebration for the entire month of February by kicking off the I Love Being Married Project and we want all you lovebirds to help us!

Beginning on February 7th, we want you to profess your love for your spouse by shouting it from the mountaintops! Well, maybe not the mountaintops but via email at love@themarriagecoaches.net , through our Facebook page at The Marriage Coaches, on Twitter @iluvbeinmarried and on our Youtube page. Our goal is to bring positive press back to marriage, take divorce off the table and to let the world know that there are couples all over the world who LOVE BEING MARRIED!

Here’s how you can help:

1. Take a photo or a video of you and your spouse holding up a white poster board sized paper finishing the statement “I love being married because …” in 4 words or less. For example, “he’s my best friend”, “she has my back”, or “he makes me laugh.”

2. Shoot a video explaining why you love being married in less than 2 minutes.

3. Sing an original song about why you love being married

4. Write a poem about why you love being married

5. Tweet us @iluvbeinmarried or post to our FB wall telling us why you love being married.

6. Or just add to the comment section below

Your submissions for the I Love Being Married Project will be used in a video montage to be premiered at the end of February and some entries may even be chosen for our upcoming book I Love Being Married: A Guide to Divorceproof Your Marriage!

Married Couples! Get ready! Get Set! Let’s go and tell the world why we Love Being Married!


  1. BenjaminWalkerJr

    I love being married! I have been married for 15 years and there everyday I come home from work I still love the man that I come home. The thing I love most about my husband is that he is not only my greatest supporter, protector, and confidant, but he is a WONDERFUL, attentive, and hands-on dad! I also loves that he still truly loves me and tells me everyday he does not know what he would do without me! I LOVE BEING MARRIED!!!

    Tiffany J.

  2. ooh_selene

    I love being married to my husband, God has truly placed His stamp of approval on our union, much has happen in the last year good, bad, ugly and indifferent, yet the one thing that never changes is we still laugh at each other, we still date, we still talk on the phone for hours and we don’t take this love we have been given for granted!! Nothing superceeds our love for God and His love for us!!! He still gives me the giggles when I mention his name and I smile so hard when I see his face pop up on my cell phone when he calls. This man prays for me, and does it faithfully, not only do I LOVE BEING MARRIED, I LOVE BEING TAKEN!!! Shannon I Love Being Married to You!!

    ~Selene O.~

  3. Dereka Evans

    I LOVE being married to my wonderful husband Timothy because…. He’s a kind hearted, loving, trustworthy, forgiving, hardworking man. We have so much fun together. I prayed and prayed to meet the man that God wants me to be with. And one day a airman who had orders to deploy to Afghanastan got diverted to Korea and the Air Force made me go!!! It was the best thing that ever happen to me. The Lord sent me across the world to get my soul mate. He is a great father to our kids, I could not ask for a better husband, that’s why i love being married!!!!

  4. I love being married because he’s the yang to my yin. He balances me out. The things I lack, he has. The things he lacks, I have. He helps me grow spiritually, sometimes by just having to pray more. He’s an excellent father and through good times and bad, he’s my best friend. He’s my gift.

  5. I love being married to Shane because from day one he has encouraged me to be the best woman God has called me to be. Since we’ve been married I experienced a job
    lost but through it all my husband kept his faith in God. He told me to dream big and believe in myself. See he has an amazing ability to focus on God’s promises especially in rough times! He’s a faith warrior and I’ve learned so much from him!
    He’s my friend, my lover, my provider, my man, my husband, he’s my everything!
    But most of all he’s my PROTECTOR! Listen here! Listen here!- you don’t wanna mess with me! Lol
    I LOVE this because I always felt I was all I had until I met him! He ALWAYS has my back!
    We’ve been married now for a little over year and a half and while we are still adjusting to married life, there’s no one else I’d rather be doing life with than my boo..

  6. Jason

    I love being married because with my wife, I feel we can accomplish anything together. We have been married for 14 years and while it has not always been easy, it has been worth it and evident of how God knows and sends what you need. She is truly my best friend and I love and need her and am very glad I found this good thing!

  7. Verdina Bingham

    I love being married because just a year ago, I couldn’t say that. In the 5 1/2 years my husband and I have experienced every part of our vows and it was not easy. We even considered divorce…but God. Instead of throwing in the towel, we sought Godly counsel through our church and began to refocus and not let the bad overtake us. Slowly but surely, through prayer, continual communication (not always easy or pretty) and self reflection, we found our way back to each other. We have learned to laugh and be in love again. I love being married because if it weren’t for our vows, we would have quit and would have never witnessed God’s full capacity to heal that which was broken.

  8. Thank you for sharing your story. We appreciate you sharing your love with us…. and yes love is a beautiful thing when it is with the right person!

  9. Winston Connally

    I love being married for more reasons than one, although we’ve been married for less than a year my love for Shenita continues to grow daily. It is so amazing how the Lord can remove someone special from my life and place another very special person in your life. I never could have dreamed up a more perfect scenario, someone entering into my life after my tragedy, not just entering my life, but bringing much intelligence, joy, selflessness and so much love. It is such a joy to have a person in your life and you know that they have your back. These things make it a joy to go to sleep and awaken next to them each and every day and night. It is so inviting to just sit with my wife and talk about any and everything. Being in love and happily married doesn’t mean everyday is a feast. We have our challenges also, but we have God as the head of our lives and with him we can survive all things. She is truly my lover, my confidant, and best friend, my blessing from God. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your forum.

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