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October 13, 2011

Marriage Makeover: A New Look Part 3

This week, we have been challenging you to complete the marriage makeover. To sit down with your spouse and decide which aspects of your marriage are working for you and which ones you get rid of completely. We started on Monday with, Do You Have a Written Vision for Your Marriage.  Then on Tuesday and Wednesday, we shared part 1 and part 2 of the marriage makeover. Today, your challenge,  is  is to complete a vision board, together!! There are a few standards that every board should have, however your styles and creativity will take over. Here are the essential requirements:

1. Team Name: This could simply be based on your last name or anything else you decide

2. Team Slogan: Write a brief statement or catchy phrase that defines or motivates your team?

3. Vision Statement: Where is your team going? What will you accomplish in and through your marriage?

4. Vision/Team Scripture: What will be the foundation/rock that you build your marriage?

Outside of these four basic requirements, your vision board should include words, pictures, anything that expresses your vision for your marriage with your creativity and express all you want to accomplish, obtain, share and create. Suggestions would easily include top ten things you value, financial aspirations, kingdom assignments, family goals, etc..

Tips: Talk about the end product and what you want to represent. Start! Start! Start! Don’t procrastinate or put it off. The sooner the better. Be encouraged!  Lastly, INVEST!! If you don’t invest the time and resources into your marriage and the future thereof, who will?

Once you’ve completed the assignment, please share a picture or a short video of your vision board with us. You can post it to our Facebook page at The Marriage Coaches or tweet us @iluvbeinmarried, or even email us at alisha@themarriagecoaches.net .



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