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October 12, 2011

Marriage Makeover: A New Look Part 2

BLUEPRINTS: Making the Plans

With a makeover, it is important to have a good structure/foundation. Our foundation needs to be based on Christ, His Word, our prayer life, and devotional time.

Task 5: Where do we begin? (Charting your makeover)

Choose an area (be sure that it is different from your spouse’s area) and …..

-Write benefits/positives

-What should be removed/changed?

-Steps to greatness, how would you turn your vision into reality, and include techniques.

(Once you have shared or allowed your spouse to read, say nothing. Only write their comments or suggestions. This will allow you to truly hear the feedback and ideas of one another.)

You are now that much closer to your marriage makeover, your new look.


Here are a few tips as you begin your marriage makeover!

  1. Section it off! Don’t let your projects interfere with what is already working.
  2. Set the work parameters! Who is doing what, when and where?
  3. Ask yourself, if we are working in the bathroom, why is the kitchen and bedroom off limits?
  4. Don’t let issues come between you. Handle them together, a united front.
  5. Taking ownership and distributing tasks as appropriate.


What a bright future you have ahead for your marriage. There is only one task left to do.

As you embark on this makeover, it will take a total team effort. Simply complete the statement. Choose a team name or you can use your last name and an adjective to describe how you positively view yourselves. Place it in the blanks below and let’s get started! GO!! TEAM GO!!


TEAM _________________ is/are ___________________________!!!







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