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September 28, 2011


Have you ever been in a relationship that didn’t reach its full potential? Have you ever wondered if you will ever be the kind of mate that someone desires? If these questions have ever crossed your mind you are not alone. Many people ponder these questions and spend years looking for the answers. In order to find the answer, we must start with the source: God.
God created us for relationship. Relationship is the most important reason for our existence. In Genesis 1:26-28, we were created in God’s image to function and live as his creation. We were given the unique opportunity to commune with him like no other creation on earth. In our relationship with God lies the model for all relationships. The way we spend time with God, communicate with Him, and treat Him (during non-church hours) is a reflection of how we will treat others in relationships as well. If we learn to trust God, listen to his voice and obey as a result of trust it is easy to trust and follow the lead of others. If we truly love God with all our heart, this love will cause us to love others as he has commanded. The same is true of the opposite,  if we do not trust God and do not give our lives wholeheartedly to him, we normally have a trust issue with people as well.
In order to succeed in a relationship whether it is a romantic one or a friendship it starts with how you are relating to God. What is he trying to teach you and cultivate in you? What do you feel like you are good at when it comes to your relationship with God: it could be your consistency in His word (the Bible), serving others or displaying the spirit of patience in a situation. Whatever you are working on consistency in your relationship with God will definitely be a strong point as you relate to other people. If you are looking to reach your full potential in a relationship and beyond, start with God, the author and finisher of your faith. As you do this, God will enrich your life and bring the right person at the right time. For now, use the greatest relationship to be the model for every other relationship in your and you will certainly have what you need to make your life worth while.


  1. Excellent article, Alexis. Keep up it up Miss Lady. 🙂

  2. Tawanda Ridley

    Now THAT’S Godly counsel. Beautiful!

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