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September 21, 2011

Take Control of Your Marriage

Part 2 of Divorceproof vs. You proof

HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE!! This is not some golden opportunity where the marriage counselor is giving some authority to be a dictator. Nope! We’re not telling everyone what to do nor bossing everyone around. Who are we talking about? “YOU”!! And is this divorceproof? No, its “YOU-Proofing” your marriage. So stay focused and let’s “YOU-Proof”.

 Taking control in your marriage begins with controlling “YOU”. This will simply be broken into 3 aspects of your life for you to control; your ACTIONS, your ATMOSPHERE, and your ATTITUDE. You may just call it the Triple A to saving and preserving your marriage. We will start with the 1st, your ACTIONS. Our actions are probably the biggest way we “shoot” our marriage in the foot. We have all heard the expression, ‘Actions speak louder than words.’ If that is the case, what are you YELLING to your spouse? Don’t know? Ever bother to ask? There are so many things YOU should be doing to boost your marriage to success. They are too many to list in this post. Just begin to answer a few questions. Can you be a true lover without BEING loving, DOING loving things? Can you be a friend without BEING friendly, DOING friendly things? Can you be a Christian without DOING things that are CHRIST-LIKE? TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR ACTIONS!!

 Our ATMOSPHERE is the 2nd that we need to control. I know what some of you are thinking, ‘not even the weather man can do that’. By ATMOSPHERE, I mean YOUR surroundings and the situations YOU find YOURSELF in. Who is in your inner circle of “influence”? Do you still have the friend that you “can’t” say no to and they just keep wanting you to go where you know you don’t need to go? Are y’all friends or are you part of the entourage? On the payroll? Or maybe you have that co-worker that crosses the line and you don’t want to offend them by correcting them. Why not correct them? They are offending your marriage and your spouse. Or maybe in your mind, you have unrighteous thoughts or sinful memories that steer you off course. Why aren’t you putting in enough righteous things (prayer, scripture, fasting…) to counteract them? TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR ATMOSPHERE!!

 Our 3rd aspect of “YOU” to take control of is YOUR ATTITUDE. It’s hard to get someone pumped up about something when you have a bad attitude unless the words are just that positive. How positive are your words even when your attitude is negative? What ever happened to looking for the silver lining? The old school church member would ask, “Where is your faith?” Leave out the doubt and fear so you can rely on the all-knowing, all-powerful God, and expect the best. If your attitude is that your marriage is failing, you will be looking to see where. If it is that your marriage can and will be blessed, then you start looking for the blessings. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR ATTITUDE!!

 TAKE CONTROL of “YOU” in your marriage. Only one part in this series left. Look for Divorceproof or “YOU-Proof”: The Before Marriage “YOU” vs. the After Marriage “YOU”.



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